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    Our website has Tons of information regarding southwestern landscaping, gardening ideas and links to other home and garden websites as well.

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    Come by today and ask our friendly staff for details on trees, shrubs, bedding plants and everything in-between.

    Find out what type of plants to use for each season in the Southwest.

    Spring Gardening Color

    Summer Gardening Color

    Fall Planting

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    Flowering Shrubs

    • Oleander
    • Texas Ranger Sage
    • Crape Myrtle
    • Butterfly Bush
    • Spirea

    star jasmine


    • Trumpet Vine
    • Carolina Jessamine
    • Star Jasmine
    • CrossVine
    • Wisteria and many more

    Fruit Vines

    Grape, Rasberries, Fig, Pomegranate, and Blueberry.

    Organic Solutions

    Biological and Organic Solutions. LadyBugs, Redworms, and beneficial nematodes.

    We have a large selection of colorful plants, trees, bedding plants and shrubs to choose from.

    Turn your landscape into a wonderful, colorful garden no matter what season it is.

    Bedding Plant Info
    Pond Plants

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    We are the largest retail gardening nursery in Southwestern New Mexico.

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    Las Cruces Landscaping

    Check out our exclusive outdoor furniture. Our furniture comes from Hanamint.com The premier home and garden lawn furniture in the entire U.S. Click the Photo below to find out more.

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    Fox Farm Fertilizers

    Many gardening products are filled with chemicals that are harmful to the environment, not to mention the human body. Find more about Fox farm products.

    We have many more FoxFarm fertilizers come by today and get these products before we run out. Or check out this web page for more info...Organic Products

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    What to Plant NOW!

    March is a great time to start gardening. Beautiful days, cool nights, and winds especially in the southwest. You can plant just about anything including bulbs, trees, shrubs, bedding plants. Be careful with tomato plants,however, the weather can be a bit tricky during this month.
    March Gardening Tips

    Monthly Gardening Tips: What and when to plant for color...It is all here.

    Our Blog: View or post a comment on Guzman's Garden Blog.

    Year Round Houseplant Care Solid Houseplant Care tips

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