Ajuga Plants for the Southwest

    This perennial plant below is well adapted to the southwest. They are considered a ground cover and do well with almost any type of soil. Propagation is easy during summer and spring months. They will tolerate shade, but will do better in FULL sun. They are perennials but will go dormant during the winter.

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    Ajuga is a good ground cover as it forms a nice looking carpet of foliage and grows very fast. It is considered a semi-evergreen plant develops runners that take root and spread.

    It has an extensive root system and is a great plant for soil retention or erosion control.

    Ajuga grows into a 2 to 4 inch tall groundcover plant and when it flowers in mid-spring it will get about 10 inches in height. Ajuga Plants will tolerates poor, as long as the soil is well drained. Do not over water these plants as they can develop root rot easily the middle of the plant will die and eventually the rest of the plant will succumb.

    The ideal way to prune Ajuga plants is by using your lawn mower. Thinning should be done every 3 year or so to reduce the chance of crown rot.

    Ajuga - Burgundy Glow

    Ajuga - Chocolate Chip

    Ajuga - Bronze Beauty

    Ajuga - Dixie Chip

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    ajuga plants

    ajuga plants
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