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    Bedding Plants for the Southwest

                Below are examples and descriptions of Southwest bedding plants. These bedding plants will do well with ample water and fertilizing once per month during spring & summer. There are actually thousands of bedding plants that will do well in the summer heat. Having trouble making your plants bloom? Try BR-61 Fertilizer 9-58-8 (24oz.) it works!

    If you have questions just call us at: (505) 523-1520 or Click here for more information.

    Marjoram or Origanum majorana - Evergreen annual or biannual branching stems, aromatic leaves. Small, white or pink flowers appear in summer. Marjoram is an annual

    Impatients - New Guniea Impatients. They like water and shade, good for the shady area. Impatients will do great in the southwest they just need regular watering ( at least once per day ) and shade in the afternoon. Annual.

    Dianthus - They will bloom from mid summer to late fall. Be sure to dead-head the blooms to extend the blooming season. Easy care type bedding plants does great in the southwest. More Information here

    Daisys - They require full sun. They bloom almost all summer long. Don't be afraid to plant them in the full sun just water daily during the hot summer months. Varieties will determine if annual or perennial ask local nursery.

    Chili Plants - Southwest bedding plants like the tig Jim, Serrano, Jalapeno require full sun. They are considered a vegetable and they love hot southwestern sun. Click here for great advice on how to make them survive.

    Pansies - These flowering plants like cooler weather, they tend to get leggy and droopy during the hot summer months. Pansies are strictly annuals in the Southwest. They do best during the spring and fall months. Full to partial shade.

    Gazania - Low growing annual or evergreen perennial with basal type leaves, they are sometimes covered with fine gray hairs. They love full sun. Considered an annual when they go dormant during winter, but seeds will germinate in spring.

    Marigolds - Most marigolds are trouble free plants, they branch vigorously. Leaves are finely divided and dark green, up to 4 inches. They love the full sun, flowers open up in the bright sunlight then close at huh!

    Begonias - Most begonias are grown for their colorful flowers and foliage. They can be grown outdoors in pots, or in the ground, should have filtered light/shade and moist, needs well drained soil.

    Bedding plant tips excellent article on preparing a bedding plant for your home or landscape.

    Plus other bedding plants to numerous to list here. Click here for a map to our Southwestern retail store located at 655 E. University, Las Cruces, NM 88005.

    More Southwestern Bedding Plants Below

    Flax - Will Bloom midspring to midsummer. Water 2-3 times per week, Plant in sun to partial sun.

    Verbena - You'll love this perennial plant hardy in the southwest, can be treated as an annual. Excellent ground cover, especially in the southwest, border it around taller perennials. They Need full sun.

    Goldenrod - Full sun, water weekly, blooms in late summer to midfall.

    Lantana - The gold colors are much more hardier. Lots of flowers throughout the summer. Leaves are 2" to 4 inches long, dark green. It is a perennial in the southwest. Flowers attract butterflies. Full sun. Here is an excellent article on "Lantana and Red Bird of Paradise"

    Petunias - The leaves on this perennial are medium green 3 inches long. Many flowers up to 2" wide, many colors from white to pinks to blues. Requires part sun they do better under a large tree or east side of a wall.

    Salvia Sage - Lots of varieties to chose from blooms in midsummer to early fall, Full sun and well drained soil. Excellent stand alone plant spiky red, pink, blooms hardy perennial. Cut down low during the winter season for excellent growth and color during the late spring and summer. Photos of salvia plants

    Online Bedding Plant Perennials

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