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Want to know how to care for your plants, trees and shrubby in the southwest?  It’s all right here…just look at some of the articles we have posted on the left hand side of this site.

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Plants and trees that do well in the southwest

The southwest can be a hard place for plants to grow but with the right information you can make this a lot easier from the beginner to master gardener.

Here is a list of trees that will do well in the desert southwest.

  1. Afghan Pine
  2. Mimosa Tree
  3. Mesquite Tree
  4. Ocotillo
  5. Chitalpa
  6. Vitex
  7. Ash Tree
  8. Junipers
  9. Cypress
  10. Palm Trees

And many more trees.  You can view photos and more detailed information on the trees listed above by visiting this page here – Southwest Trees.

Here is a list of shrubs that are good for this region.

  1. Agave
  2. Nandina
  3. Texas Sage
  4. Spanish Broom
  5. Lantana
  6. Oleander
  7. Yucca
  8. Damanitia
  9. Yellow Bells
  10. Red Bird of Paradise

We have thousands of plants and shrubs that do well in the southwest.  Not only do we carry them we also tell you have to plant and make them survive.