About Color Your World Nursery



Gary and Lydia Guzman – Owners

Was established in November of 2002.  It is owned and operated by Gary and Lydia Guzman.   It is a LLC small business greenhouse and nursery located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  540 N. Telshor.
gary-lydia-guzmanIt is a family owned business with many family members, employees and friends who help operate this retail gardening store.


Employees and family members of Color Your World Nursery.

  • Paul Guzman – General manger, master gardener,  marketing, sales and webmaster of GuzmanGreenhouse.com
  • Jovanna Guzman Diaz – Accountant, hiring and marketing services and master gardener.
  • Mario Diaz – Register, fountain, houseplant manager and indoor sales manager.
  • Anna Fulbright – Manager, sales, register and master gardener.
  • Jaime Banegas – Tree shrub manager, sales, delivery, master gardener and planter.
  • Edward Guzman – Delivery, planting, sales and warehouse manager.
  • Brianna Guzman – Register, sales and register.
  • Dominic Guzman – Register, sales and houseplant assistant manager.
  • Felipe Guzman Senior – Without him Color Your World would not be possible.

About Color Your World Nursery

Our Employees and Friends


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