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Gary and Lydia Guzman – Owners

Was established in November of 2002.  It is owned and operated by Gary and Lydia Guzman.   It is a LLC small business greenhouse and nursery located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  540 N. Telshor.
gary-lydia-guzmanIt is a family owned business with many family members, employees and friends who help operate this retail gardening store.


Employees and family members of Color Your World Nursery.

  • Paul Guzman – General manger, master gardener,  marketing, sales and webmaster of GuzmanGreenhouse.com
  • Jovanna Guzman Diaz – Accountant, hiring and marketing services and master gardener.
  • Mario Diaz – Register, fountain, houseplant manager and indoor sales manager.
  • Anna Fulbright – Manager, sales, register and master gardener.
  • Jaime Banegas – Tree shrub manager, sales, delivery, master gardener and planter.
  • Edward Guzman – Delivery, planting, sales and warehouse manager.
  • Brianna Guzman – Register, sales and register.
  • Dominic Guzman – Register, sales and houseplant assistant manager.
  • Felipe Guzman Senior – Without him Color Your World would not be possible.

About Color Your World Nursery

Our Employees and Friends


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  1. The Tagetes Minuta is sometimes called the Mexican marigold or southern marigold. It is an herb plant that can be used as drink or tea. Unfortunatley we do not (at this time) carry seeds or plants.

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