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Garden scoot for easy gardening

Garden Scoot for gardening
Garden Scoot for gardening

Recommended by the folks at Color Your World Nurseries. There is an accessory tray and basket mount under and behind the seat great to hold tools, seeds, plants or car accessories.

This garden scooter is adjustable and can swivel 360 degrees. The tires are pnuematic and can travel smoothly on grass, cement or landscaping rocks. Steering handle guides cart around corners and eliminates the need to get up!  Great for the elderly gardener.

You can do a lot of easy gardening with this gardening scoot.  Image this you can actually sit while you garden, and steer around the garden beds and plant or harvest almost any type of vegetables or flowers.

This comfortable style seat is adjustable in height, and swivels a full 360 degrees. It is a great gift and can used to harvest almost any low lying vegetables or just about anything else in your garden. It can even be used to detail your vehicle…no bending down or getting your clothes wet.

Your choice of Red, Green or Blue.

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