Pollutants in the air that we breathe – Air Plants


Polluting the airHouse plants that are very popular in today’s home and garden market are air plants.  These plants are being purchased by people who are looking to purify the air in their homes or businesses. 

There are many pollutants in the air that can cause harmful effects on humans.

Pollutants in the air that we breathe


These are benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene and are present in almost all homes and or office buildings. 

So…what can most people do that will help clean up their breathable air space?  You could purchase expensive air purifiers that will do it non-organically.  You could even move to Cheyenne Wyoming where the air is very clean and almost non pollutant.

I am sure most folks have read articles about NASA’s “how to rid the world from pollutants that are noxious to what humans and animals breathe”.  Air plants are what they talking about. 

What plants help to purify the air?

Many folks have no idea which plants they need to purchase for to help reduce “pollutants in the air“.

Here are the top air plants that will help you get rid of pollutants in the air they we breathe.

Spathiphyllum: Most good retail nurseries will have this plant available.  They are also called “Peace Lilly”.  They actually will thrive in a dark corner perfect for the office or room with little light.  This is a very attractive plant with dark green foliage and a white bloom in the middle.

Chrysanthemums: Or just plain old Mums.  There are hundreds of varieties but they are a little hard to keep blooming.  Fertilize about once per month to help with blooms and water about 2-3 times per week.


Aloe: Many varieties to choose from be sure to ask your nursery professional if they have them available. These type of plants  do not like fertilizer and only water about 2 times per year.   This plant can be used to heal wounds or burns.  Just break the frond off in the middle and apply the clear substance on.  It really does work…look it up. 

Scindapsus Chlorophytum: Most folks call them “Pothos”.  Very easy plant to grow you just water and fertilize about 4 times per year.  Water about 2 times per week. It grows very fast and can be used a decorative hanging plant.  Use them throughout the home or office.

Dumb canes: They are also called Dieffenbachia.  Great fast growing plants for indoor use.  Why they are called “Dumb” is probably due to the milky sap they produce.  It can cause temporary loss of speech…Thus the name “dumb”!

Many more photos and descriptions of these and other good houseplants at: Guzman’s Houseplants.

There are actually many more but these are the most popular.

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