The Wichita Blue Juniper for Landscape Color



 Wichita Blue Juniper Tree

Wichita Blue Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum) is an excellent choice for a border type tree.  It has a bluish color, Christmas tree shape and form. A good choice for those who are looking to hide your neighbors view.

It grows to about 10ft in height and 6 maybe 8ft wide.  It is a good southwestern landscape type tree.  Great for Xeriscaping or native landscaping.

It is drought resistant once established.  But like lots of watering when first planted.  It can tolerate poor soil but will do better with composted soil.

The Wichita blue juniper for Landscape Color

Makes a great windbreak or barrier.  Plant them in rows, but give them plenty of space to widen out.  Fertilize in spring, summer and fall.  Use a good water drip system about 15 minutes every other day during the hot summer months.  Water occasionally during the winter months.

It is an evergreen and does not really like trimming.  It will retain it’s Pyramidal shape throughout natural growth or  it’s maximum height.

Like most junipers they are susceptible to spider mites, especially during the hot dry early summer months.  Inspect your Wichita blue juniper early before summer arrives.  The tell tale signs of spider mites are brownish like webs – they   look very similar to plain brown dust.


To keep these insects away hose them down reguarily and if heavily infested use Bayer’s Insect disease and mite control.  Ask for it at your nearest Garden center.

Smaller, shorter colorful native plants will work well in the foreground of this tree.

Where can you find the Wichita Blue Juniper?

At Color Your World Nursery will usually carry this tree year round.  If you live in the Las Cruces, NM area come by and ask for it.  You can also ask for it at your local Greenhouse or Nursery.

Do you have comments and or questions about the Wichita Blue Juniper for landscape color?  If so leave your comments below.


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