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Desert flowering Shrubs

    Many desert flowering shrubs and plants need plenty of water when you first plant them. You should water at least once per day for the first two weeks during the summer months.

    It will take about 3-6 months before desert flowering plants are well established. Once they are established you should cut back watering according to the nursery or tag instructions. The one exception are the cactus type plants. Most can be planted then watered once or twice then leave them alone. Be sure to check your zone area for plant hardiness.

    USDA hardiness zone area map
    Sunsest Hardiness zone map

    If you use a drip system be sure that the bubbler or drip head is directly over the shrub root ball.

    Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia gilliesii) - This desert shrub is about 10ft high and 6ft wide. Semi evergreen foilage moderate water once established. No thorns, non-allergic. Yellow and orange blossoms in spring and fall. Excellent desert shrub for that hot full sun spot. Slow Grower.

    Baja Fairy Duster (Calliandra californica) - About 5ft high 4ft wide. Bright red bloom during summer months. Green foilage, moderate water usage. Can be used as a small border shrub. No thorns and allergy free. 25 degrees fahrenheit

    Desert bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia gilliesii) - 5ft by 5ft semi-evergreen tolerates temperatures down to 5 degrees farenheit. Slow grower, low water usage. No thorns and flowers in the spring and summer. Good yellowish color during the summer.

    Lantana (Lantana camara) - 3ft by 5ft fast growing shrub. 30 degress fahrenheit. Green foilage moderate water use. No thorns or allergies. Several varities with numerous bright colors. Likes warmer temp. Cick Here for additional information on Lantana Plants.

    Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens) - This Texas sage is about 6ft by 6ft with beautiful purple blooms mid summer and fall. Foilage is grey even during winter. Moderate water. No thorns no allergies. Can be used as a good hedge. This Desert Shrub has many varities such as Green cloud, compacta (smaller sage), Cenizo, and Rio Bravo. All require moderate water.

    Chaparral Sage (Salvia clevelandii) - Beautiful desert shrub with blue blooms during spring. 3ft high and wide. Gray Green foilage, low water and moderate grower. No thorns or allergies. Nice shrub for walkways or along short fence. Use in one's three's or five's for that natural look. 20 degress fahrenheit.

    Arizona yellow bells (Tecoma Stans) - Gorgeous yellow trumpet like blooms. Green foilage and fast growing. Moderate water usage. No allergies or thorns.

    Ocotillo - (Fouquieria splendens) Tall spindel like columnar multi trunks. 20ft hight and about 15ft wide. Bright orange or red blooms in the spring. Green trunks with fierce thorns. Slow grower low water. Perfect for that xeriscaping landscape.

    Indigo Bush - (Amorpha fruticosa) The False Indigo Bush, Amorpha fruticosa, is a somewhat leggy shrub, whose height can range from 6 to 20 feet tall,and 5 to 15 feet wide. Fragrant foliage has the compound pinnate leaves typical of the Pea family, often most bushy on the upper third of the shrub.

    Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince -(Chaenom) The Quince 'Texas Scarlet Flowering', Chaenomeles x 'Texas Scarlet', is one of the first shrubs to bloom in the spring. It displays glossy, green foliage which appears soon after profuse red flowers cover the plant in spring.

    Russian Sage - (Perovskia atriplicifolia) The Russian Sage, Perovskia atriplicifolia, is a deciduous semi-woody subshrub with upright, grayish white stems and lobed, silvery gray leaves. The older stems are woody at the base, and younger stems are herbaceous and square in cross section.

    Red Tip Yucca - (Hesperaloe parvifolia) Red tipped yucca plants perfect for rock gardens or xeriscape landscaping. Grows about 6ft. tall and 5ft. wide. Considered an evergreen in the southwest. Click for photo

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