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    These desert landscape shrubs will do well in the lower elevations of the southwest. Most require little to moderate watering.

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    Many of these plants are available at Color Your World Nurseries located in Las Cruces, NM.

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    bowles-mauve Bowles Mauve
    Scientific Name: Erysimum linifolium
    Full sun or partial shade - USDA Zone: 8b-10
    Bowles Mauve' is a great perennial that will flower in late spring. Flowers are 4 petaled in spikes and bright mauve-pink to lilac in color. We recommend Peter's All Purpose Plant Food

    agaveAgave - Maguey
    Scientific Name: Agave
    Full Sun- Zone: USDA Zone: 8b-10
    Agave is a desert shrub with many varities. Easy care and very low maintenance plant. Can survive drought conditions. This variety is also called "century plant". No fertilizer for this type of plant.

    nandina Nandina
    Scientific Name: Nandina domestica
    Full Sun partial shade - USDA Zone 6a: to -23.3 C (-10 F)The Nandina Domestica, is an excellent shrub or bank plant. Reddish Foliage in spring and fall. Also called "Heavenly Bamboo". We recommend Peter's All Purpose Plant Food

    butterfly-bush Butterfly Bush
    Scientific Name: Buddleia davidii
    Sun: Full or partial shade - USDA zones: 6-10
    Beautiful spikes and bright purple to lilac in color. About 6-8ft. tall. Click here for MORE butterfly-Bushes

    spanish-broomSpanish Broom
    Scientific Name: Spartium junceum L.
    Sun: Full Sun - USDA zones 4a-9 (up to 8000')
    Fantastic beautiful spring yellow flowers. Semi-Evergreen shrub grows up to 8ft. tall

    photinia Red Leaf Photinia
    Scientific Name: Photinia fraseri
    Sun: Full Sun partial shade - USDA zones 7a: to -17.7
    Reddish Foliage almost all year. Can be used as a shrub or hedge plant, about 6-7ft tall...

    oleander Hardy Red Oleander
    Scientific Name: Nerium oleander
    Full Sun - USDA Zones 8-10.
    Hardy Red Oleander. This desert landscape shrub is beautiful red blooms all summer long. Likes warmer temperatures may be stressed in cloder climates. Grows up to 20ft tall.

    barberryDwarf Japanese Barberry
    Scientific Name: Berberis thunbergii
    Full Sun USDA zones 7a: to -17.7
    Dwarf Japanese Barbery also called "Crimson Pygmy". densely branched form displaying deep crimson colored foliage all season long, best in full sun. Excellent for small border or hedges. 2ft. tall and 4ft wide.

    yucca Soaptree Yucca
    Scientific Name: Yucca elata
    Sun: Full Sun - USDA Zones 5 thru 10
    The Soaptree Yucca - About 6ft tall in southwestern area. The flowering spike can add another 4-5ft. to the height.

    green cloud sage Green Cloud Sage
    Scientific Name: Leucophyllum frutescens Sun: Full Zones 8-7a or 7b Green Cloud Sage beautiful purple summer blooms. Evergreen low to moderate watering. Can used as a stand alone shrub or hedge.
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    clevelandiiChaparral/Mexican Sage
    Scientific Name: Salvia clevelandii
    Full Sun - USDA Zone 9a: to -6.6 C (20 F)
    Salvia Clevelandii or Chaparral Save - Beautiful long stemmed blooms about 5 - 6ft tall. Moderate water and excellent entrance accent shrub.

    ocotillo Ocotillo
    Scientific Name: Fouqueiria splendens
    Full Sun - USDA zone 8 & 7a - 7b
    Desert Landscape Tree or Shrub. The Ocotillo can used as a tree or shrub. Beautiful bright orange spring blooms. Green foilage in summer and grey in winter about 8-10ft tall.

    prickly pear Prickly Pear
    Scientific Name: (Genus Opuntia)
    Full Sun - USDA zone 8 & 7a - 7b
    Desert Xeriscaping Shrub. The prickly pear cactus is a very hardy cactus in the southwest. Very drought tolerant and easy care cactus. Plant them and you can bascially leave them alone.
    Click here for more information about this cactus.

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