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    New Mexico Southwest Trees


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    These Southwestern will do well in the lower elevations of New Mexico. They require moderate to little watering.

    Click on the New Mexico tree photo for a larger image. These Photos were taken in and around the southern part

    of New Mexico mostly around Las Cruces, NM. Need to know your USDA plant hardiness zone? Click Here and scroll down to the bottom.

    If you have any questions about the southwest plants below please contact us here
    Or call us at: (575) 521-0496. We will be happy to help you.

    Tree photos taken in and around southern New Mexico

    Vitex treeVitex-Tree Scientific Name: Vitex agnus-castus
    Full Sun - USDA Zone: 6 - 9
    Easy care great drought tolerant tree. It does like lots of water for the first 2 years of it's life. Beautiful dark blue, sometimes almost purple spiky blooms. It is a deciduous tree, so it will be bare during the winter season. Click here for more info on this great tree.

    italian cypressItalian Cypress Scientific Name: Cupressus sempervirens
    Full or partial shade - USDA Zone: 6 - 10
    Italian Cypress can grow up to 60-80ft in the southwest and only 3-4ft wide. Excellent tree for a dense border screen. Very drought tolerant once established. Year round Evergreen tree. Almost no maintenance. More Italian Cypress Tree information

    Modesto AshModesto Ash Scientific Name: Fraxinus velutina 'Modesto'
    They Love Full Sun - USDA Zone 8 - 9
    Can grow up to 40ft tall and 30ft wide. An excellent shade tree and moderate grower. Does very well in the southwest, moderate watering check for parasite growth (Mistletoe) deciduous. All varieties of Ash trees will do well in the southwest. Fall cleanup moderate. Looking for the Raywood Ash tree? Click here for photo and information on the Raywood Ash Tree

    cypressBald Cypress Scientific Name: Taxodium distichum
    Full Sun - USDA - Zone: 7 - 10
    The Bald Cypress needs moderate to regularing watering, even after establishing. Average height 70ft, 30ft wide, will drop leaves about late October in the southwest. Deciduous easy fall cleanup.

    blue juniper Blue Juniper Tree Scientific Name: Juniperus scopulorum
    Full Sun - USDA - Zones: 5 thru 7
    More of an ornamental tree. This tree can be used as a border plan. Drought Tolerant Easy Care tree. Extremely Hardy Tolerates Poor Soils, Deer Resistant. Excellent for close wall bordering. About 15-20 ft high 20ft wide. Almost zero maintenance.

    Euclayptus Tree Scientific Name: Eucalyptus melliodora
    Full Sun - USDA Zones: 4-10
    A good choice New Mexico evergreen tree, withstanding dry areas and wind. Drought tolerant once established good ornamental tree. This tree is low maintenance. About 40'ft tall and just as wide.

    chinese pistacheChinese Pistache Tree Scientific Name: Pistacia chinensis
    Loves Full Sun - USDA Zones: 4-10
    This Las Cruces tree is a desirable ornamental with attractive, umbrella-like crown. Lustrous green leaves turn a brilliant orange crimson in fall. Very drought tolerant, deciduous and extremely handsome tree. About 30-40 ft. tall and wide. Does well in the desert heat.

    mexican fan palm Mexican Fan Palm Scientific Name: Washingtonia robusta
    Can take Full USDA Zone 7-10
    Can grow to about 100ft tall. Fronds must be cut back from winter frost damage in the southwest. Low water once established. Always plant in full sun.

    california palmCalifornia Fan Palm Scientific Name: Washingtonia filifera
    Full Sun - USDA Zone 7-10
    Grows up to 50-60ft tall. More hardier in the southwest than the Mexican palm. Fronds need trimming in spring after frost damage. Low water once established plant in full sun.

    Peter A. Hogg Photo
    california palmMediterranean Palm Scientific Name: Chamaerops humilis
    Full Sun - USDA Zone 7-10
    Grows up to 10-15ft tall. Very hardy palm tree. Does alot better than the California and Mexican Palm tree in the southwest. More information at: Mediterranean Palm Tree

    magnolia treeMagnolia Tree
    Scientific Name: Magnolia grandiflora 'Monlia'
    Full Sun - USDA zone 8b - 10
    Grows up to 60ft tall and about 40-50ft wide. Evergreen tree that will shed leaves in spring. Slow grower, needs regular watering in the southwest. Fun sun to partial shade. Loves the Las Cruces area. More Magnolia trees information here

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    southwest tree photos

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