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Dianthus Plants

diantus plantsThese beautiful plants love the southwest. They will bloom from mid summer to late fall. In order for a longer bloom time, deadhead the blooms continuously throughout the summer.

They should be fertilized at least two times per month. A good 10-10-10 analysis will do. Dianthus plants will normally reseed themselves as long as you keep watering the same area after the fall season.

The dianthus plants need a sunny site with well-drained soil they will also tolerate some shade in the afternoon and humidity.

Color Your World Nurseries will always have this type of bedding plants during the spring, summer and fall months.

Dianthus Plants for the southwest

Southwest dianthus plant photos below below for further information on zone and scientific names or to order online from NatureHills.

Dianthus - Zing Rose

Carnation Chabaud - Mixed Colors

Dianthus - Cranberry Ice

Dianthus - Fire Star

Dianthus - Coconut Punch

Dianthus - Heart Attack

Dianthus - Sangria Splash

Dianthus - Shooting Star

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