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    Drought Plants for the Southwest

    Trees and shrubs that will survive southwestern droughts! Most will survive with moderate to no watering (once established). These trees, shrubs and plants will survive the southwestern dry drought climate. Many will need water only until established this could be 1 year or up to 3. This depends on how much you originally watered and the placement of the plant or tree.

    These drought plants are also an excellent choice for Xeriscaping your yard or business property. The Ocotillo needs regular watering for the first year: then let mother nature take its course.

    Use a good drip system for your low watering plants, trees or shrubs the Rain Drip R547DP Low Flow Sprinkler Kit rain drip system will do the job.

    drought plant photos Are you looking for photos of drought tolerant plants, trees, and shrub photos? Just click on the camera photo to the left...It will take to a webpage with lots of photos of trees, shrubs, and plants that are mentioned right here...Honest! Click here

    Drought tolerant Shrubs

  • Desert Willow - Beautiful purple flowers all summer long. Shrub has mutiple trunks. Low water once established. More info on the Desert Willow Tree

  • Ocotillo - Tall slender branches very low water usage, bright orange or red blooms in early summer.

  • Creosote - Low Water, yellow blooms start in Feburary, tolerates heat.

  • Chinaberry - Fast growing tree, yellowish balls in fall, good shade tree, moderate watering.

  • Pinon - Thrives in the desert mountains. Low Water evergreen. 15 ft tall and wide.

  • Bird of Paradise - 2 varieties Red or Yellow Flowers, low water once established. 6ft tall and wide. Full sun.

  • Cottonwood - Tree, fast grower moderate water once established, roots are invasive. Up to 60 ft high.

  • Bur Oak - Deciduous tree, gray-brown bark, thick hairy shoots and dark green leaves with long white hair beneath.


  • Verbena - Good ground cover, several flowering colors, low water once established.

  • Eldarica Pine - Evergreen tree, Desert pine or Mondell pine. Fast grower thrives in desert heat.

  • Live Oak - Evergreen tree, moderate water good ornamental tree.

  • Mexican Sage - 4ft tall 2 ft wide. Purple-pink and white flowers until first frost.

  • Lantana - 3ft tall and wide. Varieties have colors of red, blue, purple and yellow. Will flower during summer. Good ground cover.

  • Texas Ranger Sage - Silvery colored leaves, low water purple flowers in late summer early fall. Makes good hedge shrub, 6ft tall and wide.

  • Green Cloud Sage - Dark green leaves, little water nice purple flowers in late summer. Makes good hedge shrub.

  • Pink Rockrose - Evergreen. Likes poor dry soil, low water 3' tall 8' wide.

  • Centennial - 4ft tall 5 ft wide, evergreen, resists rootrot, violet custers like the wisteria.

  • Apache Plume - White like rose flower, 8ft tall 5 ft wide, produces feathery purple fruits.

  • Yellow Elder - 5ft tall and wide sometimes called Tecoma stans. Bright yellow flowers in June and through Early December.

  • Butterfly Bush - 8ft tall 6ft wide. Deciduous, purple flower spikes.

  • Mescal Bean - 15ft tall and wide. Evergreen with vilolet like cluster of wisteria like flowers.

  • Russian Sage - 3-4 ft tall with summer long blooms, purple like flowering spikes.

  • Damianita - Petite evergreen shrub yellow blooms from spring to fall. Loves full sun. Low Water

  • Green Palo Verde - Deciduous Tree, 20 ft tall green trunk with thorns, Good ornamental tree

  • Blue Palo Verde - Deciduous Tree, 40 ft tall bluegreen trunk with thorns, Good ornamental tree.

  • Barrell Cactus - Bright orange flower at top of plant, roots are not deep. Rigged hooked spines or needles.

  • Honey Mesquite - 45ft tall and wide, mutiple trunks. Yellowish orange blooms and thorny branches. Moderate water at first then very drought tolerant, produces bean like pods.

  • Mexican Fan Palm - 45ft tall and 20ft wide. Low water once establised.

  • Red Tip Yucca - 4ft tall and 4ft wide. This very low water shrub is evergreen with pink to rose red, bell-like flower cluster on 4-6' spike.

  • Italian Cypress - Beautiful narrow columnar evergreen. 40' ft high and 3-4'ft width.

    Low Watering Plants

  • Desert Honeysuckle - Clusters of orange or red tubular flowers in the spring. 3'ft tall and wide. Low water. Photos of desert honeysuckle and vines

    Drought Tolerant Tree: Photos

    Low watering shrub: Photos

    Lower watering Junipers Click here for juniper photos and information

    Be sure to use a good Drip System for Drought Plants

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