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    Acid soil - A soil with a pH below 7. Soil with a pH level of 7 is neutral. A number below 7 indicates more acidy. Above 7 means akaline.

    Alkaline soil - A soil with a pH above 7.

    Annual - A plant that will live thru the growing year or less. In the southwest many annuals are sometimes perennials.

    Axil - Do not confuse with "Axel Rose"! It is actually the inner angle between a leaf and the stem from which it springs.

    Balled & Burlapped - A plant, tree or shrub that is sold with a large ball of soil around it's roots. This has nothing to do with your uncle's head or other parts of his body.

    Bare-Root - Sounds like somwhere in the middle east. This Gardening words refers to deciduous shrubs and perennials sold for planting with soil removed from it's roots.

    Bedding plant - Usually flowering plants that can be planted in mass. Normally annuals or perennials.

    Biennial - A plant that germinates and produces foilage during its first growing season, then blooms produces seed and dies usually during its second season.

    Blancing - Is the process of blocking light from certain vegetables to keep them looking paler for color or milder flavor.

    Bolt - This is not an energy drink. It actually is a garden term used to produce seeds or flowers prematurely. Usually annual flowers and vegetables.

    Bonsai - Is the fine art of carefully growing dwarf plants in containers. A miniature landscape in a tray.

    Broad leafed - Usually a wide leaf at least 2-4" wide could also be a weed leaf.

    Budding - Propagation in which the bud from one plant is inserted underneath the bark of another realted plant.

    Bud Union - The shoot or bud (scion) united with the rootstock.

    Bulb - The Gardening term for any plant that grows underneath a structure. Could be an underground stem that contains embryonic plant surrounded by scales. Corms, rhizomes, and tubers are bulbs.

    Calyx - The sepals of a flower.

    Cane - An elongated stem or flower rising directly from the roots.

    Conifer - Is an evergreen. Leaves are usually narrow and needlelike. All confiers bear seeds in cones.

    Corm A stem base composed of solid tissue, usually swollen.

    Cultivar - Genetically distinct plants cultivated by man (what happened to woman). They may be of hybrid or selected varietes that occur in the wild.

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