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Greenhouse Kits - For Small Backyard Use

The Benefits of having your own grow house are numerous.
  1. Grow your own organic or non organic vegetables...It's your greenhouse.
  2. Pick your own vegetables right from your own backyard greenhouse kit.
  3. Grow and propagate your own flowers. Why pay for expensive houseplants and flowers?
  4. You can extend the growing season. Larger, tastier, almost year round veggies.
  5. Much easier to control insects and diseases.
  6. Gardening and growing your own vegetables is a-lot more fun...
The downside of having one of these grow houses is maintenance and having ideal temperature conditions year round. The mimium high should not go over 85° and not lower than 60°.

Testing your greenhoue soil

Test your soil for a good ph level. The ideal number should be 7. Soil less than 7 is acidic. Use lime, limestone or wood to your soil to get closer to a 7. Most soils in the Southwest are alkaline. Use compost or a well balanced fertilizer to lower the alkaline. It really is that simiple.

You can purchase pH testers at your local nursery store, they are inexpensive and easy to use.

Inspect Your Plants Daily

Look and inspect all your greenhouse plants on a daily basis. A plant that is heavily infested with insect could possibly infect other plants nearby. Your best organic choice is to wrap the plant in plastic bag and dump in your nearest dumpster.

Commercial type greenhouses can run into the thousands easily. The Greenhouse Kits below come in small to medium size.

From Gardener's Supply Company. Get your own Greenhouse Easily start seedlings, nurture transplants, and grow vegetables and flowers from spring to fall. It has tons of features that you'd find in larger, more expensive greenhouse models. You get two 18" deep beds and one 13" deep bed.

This greenhouse is 49-1/4" long x 74-3/4" Width x 88" Height

Made in Vermont by Gardener's Supply Gardener's Supply Exclusive

order greenhouse Click here for more information.

Large Super Greenhouse
If you're an ambitious gardener who needs plenty of greenhouse space, but still on a budget. You don't have to make any compromises. The Grow House has many features found in commercial models. Classic "gothic arch" shape means unmatched structural strength 6-mil polyethylene glazing on all sides captures 95% of available light Top and bottom vents prevent overheating Tough UV-protected PVC ribs never rust or rot Generous 12-ft width accommodates 3 full-size benches with aisles between Assembles in one day with two people and simple hand tools. 12' x 16' - More Information

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Medium Sized Garden Starter This medium sized greenhouse kit is an excellent choice for those who don't quite have the space. But are still willing to go with something much larger.

This Garden Starter Greenhouse has lots of room even for the more ambitious gardener, but it's a trim 6 feet x 8 feet. And it doesn't skimp on features, 6 mm double glazing vs. 4 mm of other small greenhouses Traps more solar energy Automatic venting so plants will not overheat. Plenty of crouching! Extruded aluminum frame vs. stamped sheet metal for durability and easier assembly Finished corners. A full unconditional 10-year guarantee. - More Information order greenhouse

The Perfect Garden Bench System for your greenhouse Maximize the growing space of your Fast-Start Greenhouse with our custom bench system. Designed specifically for the Fast Start, it includes the extruded aluminum frame pieces and pre-cut cedar flats to construct built-in benches on each side of the Fast Start. Cedar flats are removable to make room for tall-growing plants. - More Information

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery 22-3/4"L x 47-1/4"W Made of cedar, aluminum hardware

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