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    Most houseplants will need water at least once per day, especially during the hot summer months. Deep watering 4-5 times per week is better than light watering once per day. You can cut back on watering during the winter months and little to no fertilizing during the cold weather months.

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    Be sure to click on the houseplant photo to the left for more information or larger picture. Below are some of the more common houseplants that folks use for indoor home decorating.

    Houseplant Photos

    schefflera plantSchefflera - Commonly called the umbrella plant. It likes moderate to bright light the more light without direct sun the better. Let the plant dry out before watering again. Place your finger in soil about 1/2in. in down...if it is dry it needs water. Fertilize about once per month during spring, summer and fall.

    marantha plantMarantha - Also called prayer Plant likes moderate water and light. Leaves will close in darkness.

    spider plantSpider Plant - Likes bright indirect sunlight. Can be taken outdoors during the spring, summer and fall months. Likes moist soil but not sopping wet. Ths spider plant resembles... well....a spider! Fertilize spring and summer only.

    pothos plantPothos Plant - Easy care plant. Great for hanging baskets can take bright indirect sunlight the more light the faster it grows. Likes well drained soil let it dry out before watering again.

    peace lillyPeace Lilly - Or Spathiphyllum. Easy care plant likes low light perfect for that dark corner. Produces a white leaf like bloom can shoot straight up grows 4ft tall and 4ft wide. Should be watered almost daily throughout the summer months.

    african violetsAfrican Violets - Needs good light but away from direct sun. Keep soil moist and avoid getting leaves wet. Pinch off faded blooms.

    hibiscus plantHibiscus - Needs good window with lots of light. To encourage blooms use BR-61 or super bloom bi-weekly. Flowers last only one day but more will follow.

    monstera plantMonstera plant - An oldtime favorite. Moderate brightness and moisture. Fertilize every two weeks with a balanced use 20-20-20 or 15-30-15. We recommend Miracle-Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food (100150) 6 each

    cyclamen plantCyclamen - Makes a beautiful gift. They like temperatures around 55-60 fahrenheit. Keep moist but not soggy. Plant is a tuber and will go into dormancy for a few months.

    guzmania plantGuzmania - Beautiful bromeliad grown for their showy flower heads. Some will also have stgriped or banded foliage, likes to be watered from the top. Occasional misting.

    croton plantCroton - Is grown for its leaf color. Usually red, green and yellow curled leaves. Likes humidity should be kept well watered. Will do better with lots of indirect sunlight.

    jade plantJade - Succulent type leaves, low water. Too much water can harm the plant. They do well in containers and dry conditions. Will bloom small light pink flower, the more indirect sunlight the more blooms.

    anthurium plantAnthurium - They have attractive foliage and beautiful red, pink and lavendar blooms at top. They like lots of indirect sun light, do not overwater. Let the soil dry out before watering again. Use BR-61 for more and longer lasting blooms. More info on Anthurium plants

    dumbcane plantDieffenbachia - Sometimes called the dumbcane plant. Leaves are toxic to pets and children. They like bright indirect sunlight. Let soil dry out before watering again.

    azaleas plantAzaleas - and rhododendrons, these houseplants like moist, well drained, acidic soil. Strictly a houseplant in the southwest. Indirect sunlight is best keep moist.

    begonia plantBegonia - Bright light away from full sunshine. Soil should stay moist but not soggy. Keep Leaves dry.

    bougainvillea plantBougainvillea - Containerized plants can be placed outdoors in late spring thru early fall. Does not like temperatures below 38-32degrees fahrenheit. Photo of More Info

    Marginata plantMarginata - They are perfect for indoor home use. Long narrow palm like leaves. Indirect sunlight and let soil dry out before watering again.

    bonsai plantBonsai - Thousands of shapes sizes and varieties. They like shade outdoors, should be repotted every 2 years. Put in bright spot indoors and water regulary.

    aloe vera plantAloe Vera - Aloe Vera Plants photo Yes this plant does heal minor cuts. It is actually a succulent and likes the soil to be dried out before watering again.

    mother in lawMother-In-Law's Tongue - Mother in Law's Tongue It is sometimes called the snake plant. It is used only as an indoor plant in the southwest. It is very easy to grow and rarely needs any attention at all.

    Check your plants at least once per week, look for pests, insects etc... Brown tip leaves could indicate overwatering. Be sure to isolate the plant whenever insects are present. Use a good all purpose insect spray. Be sure the product is specifically labeled for both the pest and plant species.

    Color Your World Nurseries will usually carry these type of houseplants. Be sure to ask for them at your local retail/wholesale nursery.

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