How to get rid of weeds

Killing Weeds

kill weeds image What is the best way to "get rid of weeds"? I hate weeds and killing them throughout the spring, summer and fall months is a big time job for me. And, if you are reading this article you too are probably wondering "How can I get rid of weeds" and how can I keep them from coming back year after year."

How to get rid of weeds from your landscape area.

There thousands of weed killing products on the market today, which ones work best, and what is the secret? Well, there is no secret but there are many ways to keep your yard, landscape or property weed free.

Weeds grow in just about any place, in cement and asphalt cracks, around ornamental plants, shrubs and trees. And during the spring they sprout out just about everywhere.

Just a little sprinkle of rain can get them started faster than you and I can pull them out. So, here are some great ways to blast those weeds away and help keep them from coming back.

When to kill Weeds

Early Spring: Use a weed seed pre-emergence herbicide or a weed preventer that will inhibit weed seeds from germinating.

You will need to apply this product where ever weeds were present from the previous year. This will not kill any weeds that are currently growing or that are visable.

Herbicide Preemergent
usually comes in a granular or powdered form and needs to be watered in after applying. This will eventually turn into a oily substance that will cover the weed seeds thus preventing them from germinating. There is also a liquid pre-emergent and eliminates having to water it in afterwards.

Note: If you have planted other types of seeds in that area they will NOT germinate.

Does Round Work to Kill Weeds

Yes it does: Use Roundup™ to kill existing weeds. The newest type of Roundup™ can now kill down to the roots. Remember Roundup™ will also kill anything green that it comes in contact with including cactus or native plants. Always spray during a non-windy day.
Do not juse Roundup in any lawn.

What about during the mid summer seasons?

If weeds are growing in your lawn you can use a product called weed-out plus™ Made by ferti-lome. Most Retail greenhouses or nurseries will have this product year round. It will not harm ornamental grasses but will kill existing weeds in your lawn. It comes in a liquid form and needs to be sprayed on according to the instructions.

A few tips on using almost any type of herbicide.

It's best to use it when temperatures hover around 85 degrees.

Do not use it on newly planted lawns.

Types of weeds weed-out plus™ kills.

  • Chickweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Barnyardgrass
  • Foxtail
  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Buttercup
  • Catnip
  • Chickweed
  • Dandelion
  • Dollarweed
  • Ground Ivy
  • Jimsonweed
  • Morning Glory
  • Poison Ivy
  • Poison Oak
  • Ragweed
  • Spurge
  • Thistle

  • Weed Killers

    Mid Summer: Any remaining weeds should be pulled by hand roots and all...Oh I know lots of dirty hard work. But this methods works very well and hiring the next door kid is really inexpensive.

    It is important to remember that all weeds will produce seeds. Cutting, mowing or even pulling them by hand will drop more seeds into your lawn or landscape.

    The biggest deterrent to a weed-free lawn is continuous maintenance. Regular watering and a fertilizing schedule will work wonders on any type of grass. Bermadua grasses and Fescue will choke out many types of weeds if it is well maintained.

    Color Your World Nurseries will always have the products mentioned here during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

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    Herbicide Preemergent

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