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    Making bonsai's is the Japanese ancient art of training dwarf trees into beautiful container landscape design. This form of garden design is making a huge progress in the United States and Europe. Here in the Southwest many Bonsai enthuasists young and old are also learning this cool way of designing plants. Not only for design but for the pure pleasure of knowing how to make one.

    They easiest plant to choose is a Dwarf Juniper particuarily the San Jose variety. I suggest you visit your local retail nursery and ask for one. Making your own Bonsai is alot less expensive than purchasing one already made.

    Choose small 1 ga. containers some may already have that bonsai look to them. Take your time and inspect all of your choices. Some folks think if the root system is exposed it will die or not look good. But this is not true. The more roots showing the better. Juniper plants that show part of the root system will work very well.

    Remember making your very first bonsai is like everything else in life. It takes time and practice to get really good. These tips are for the bonsai beginner.

    Make a bonsai Tips

    If you want to become an expert at building bonsai's I highly suggest reading this ebook. Bonsai Care Ebook Every single step...from the types of trees and plants that are suitable for Bonsai, to the over dozen different styles and techniques are laid out for you.

    Tools needed to make this bonsai

    1. A good pair of prunning clippers.
    2. A good pair of gloves
    3. A bonsai pot
    4. Good galvanized wire

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    Here is a list of the type of plants that have a good bonsai potential
    Dwarf Junipers
    Dwarf Yaupon Holly
    Japanese Red Maple
    Pony Tail Palm
    Emerald Ficus

    make a bonsai

    We will make a bonsai out of this dwarf Garden Japanese Juniper Start by looking for limbs and to cut...go ahead try it. Don't be afraid to cut limbs that you think need removing. Limbs that shoot out vertically will typically make good bonsia's

    make a bonsai

    Seperate limbs and foliage to see where is the best place to cut. Try to keep all limbs that are more vertical. Limbs that shoot straight up or down should be pruned off.

    make a bonsai

    It's best if you start from the bottom and work your way up. Making a bonsai is not as complicated as some folks think it is.

    Remove plastic container to see you root ball. Do not be afraid to cut down on roots and removing soil. The root ball needs to fit inside the bonsai pot. Exposing some of the upper root system will give your bonsai a much more realistic setting.

    make a bonsai Use a good pair of pruning clippers to prune larger type limbs. Smaller bonsai pruners are needed for small foliage prunning.

    make a bonsai Cut off any smaller type foliage from the bottom of the limbs

    make a bonsai Prune limbs that tend to shoot straight up.

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