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    Pine Trees for the southwest

    These trees are hardy in the lower elevations of the southwest. Be sure to click on the photo for a complete description and zone requirements.

    Hey just because the southwest is a desert area does not mean evergreen pine trees will survive the heat. With proper water and care they will thrive. This means you can have that ponderosa forest like landscape right in your own back or front yard.

    afghan pine Afghan Pine (Pinus eldarica) Also called the Desert pine, Mondell pine or the Eldarica pine. This pine tree grows to 70-80' tall and about 30' wide. Very drought tolerant once established. There is quite a bit of maintenance involved. Pine needles and cones will drop almost year round but it does provide good shade and screen from the neighbors.

    The Ponderosa, Mugho, and Austrain pines will also do well here in the Southwest. Color Your world nurseries will usually have this type of pine trees.

    Naturehills.com - We guarantee that every evergreen pine tree we ship is of the finest quality and that your order will be carefully handled and shipped to ensure that you receive a healthy product.

    Bristlecone Pine

    Scientific Name: Pinus aristata
    Zone: '4-7'
    Sun: Full sun

    "The Bristlecone Pine, 'Pinus aristata', is a type of pine tree that can reach an age far greater than that of any other living thing known - up to 5,... more

    Mugho Pine

    Scientific Name: Pinus mugo mughus
    Zone: '3-7'
    Sun: Full sun to partial shade

    "The Mugho Pine tree, Pinus mugo mughus, may also be called the dwarf mountain pine. This evergreen little dwarf conifer has branching, upright stems ... more

    Austrian Pine

    Scientific Name: Pinus nigra
    Zone: '3-8'
    Sun: Full sun

    "The Austrian Pine, Pinus nigra, is a densely branched tree producing long dark needles. This evergreen conifer tree thrives in urban locations as wel... more

    Ponderosa Pine

    Scientific Name: Pinus ponderosa
    Zone: '3-7'
    Sun: Full sun

    "The Ponderosa Pine, Pinus Ponderosa, will grow on most soils including very sandy soils and sites with very little topsoil. Once established, it is v... more

    Eastern White Pine

    Scientific Name: Pinus strobus
    Zone: '3-7'
    Sun: Sun to partial shade

    "The Eastern White Pine, Pinus Strobus, is a beautiful landscape pine widely used throughout much of North America. This evergreen conifer tree is a t... more

    Scotch Pine

    Scientific Name: Pinus sylvestris
    Zone: '3-7'
    Sun: Full sun

    "The Scotch Pine tree, Pinus Sylvestris, is a conifer that is a native of Europe and is widely used as a Christmas Tree. It is a fast growing, irregul... more

    Loblolly Pine

    Scientific Name: Pinus taeda
    Zone: '6-9'
    Sun: Full sun

    "The Loblolly Pine tree, Pinus taeda, is a fast-growing member of the yellow pine group. It is also called yellow pine, North Carolina pine, and oldfi... more

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