Poppies in the Southwest

Poppies can do very well in the desert southwest particuarily during the early spring and fall months. They will have a hard time blooming and surviving during the mid summer heat.

They grow to about 1ft. tall and almost every color in the rainbow. The do have a short life span and will normally die off when temps exceed 90degress farenheit.

They are considered annuals, so it is best to remove and replace with heat tolerant blooming plants.

The Iceland poppy is one variety that does particuarily well during the spring seasons.

The Care of Poppies

Poppies are hardy in USDA zone 4, 3, 2, and 8a. They like good loamy drained soil and a-lot less water than what most people think. Light waterings about twice per week should be ok.

Dead head when bloom dies off, or leave them on if you want them to seed naturally.

Color Your World Nursery in Las Cruces, NM will always have this plant during the early and mid spring seasons.

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