Roses For Sale in Las Cruces

Roses In Las Cruces

An excellent place to purchase roses are at Color Your World Nursery located in Las Cruces, NM. 540 N. Telshor.

Roses arrive in early March and will be sold througout the year.

Types of Roses

Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora rose-They are large elegant blooms on long straight stems ideal for cutting.

The Floribunda rose is a busy rose with a clustered bloom habit.

Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora roses-They are large elegant blooms on long straight stems ideal for cutting. These are what most florist use for rose arrangements.

English Roses have full double blooms they are they have repeated flowering blooms which make them ideal for landscaping.

The climbing rose is named for the climbing habit, they grow best along trellises or arbors. If left alone without any support they can be used as ground cover roses.

Hedge and Shrub Roses are used for low maintenance fencing along property lines or as a border type rose bushes. Shrub Rose are known for there trouble free and easy to grow maintenance.

Miniature roses have Blooms structure and habit of hybrid teas, minatures roses are grown in containers of used for landscaping in smaller areas.

Roses like rich loamy soil and full sun. For great looking roses we recommend fertilizing your roses once per month starting in spring and ending in late fall.

Color Your World will have roses similar to the photos below. The majority of our roses will come from Weeks roses or Monrovia Wholesale Nursery.

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guzmans roses

Shrub Roses landscaping

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