Schefflera Plants

Indoor House Plant Decoration

The Schefflera plant for home design

(Brassaia Actinophylla) and is sometimes called a "dwarf umbrella plant". This plant likes lots of bright indirect sunlight this will give it a much more fuller plant. You should fertilize about once per month. Use a good water soluble fertilzer such as "Peters 20-20-20 plant food" will work well. There are many varieties that you can use such as the Arboricol Renate Green variety that has ripples to the leaves. The "Gold Capella" variegated yellow or gold and green leaves is also a good choice. Trinette’ variegated cream and green leaves ‘Dazzle’ variegated some leaves almost completely creamy white.

schefflera Be sure to follow a regular watering schedule but don’t keep the plant wet. Place the plant in as bright an area as you can. This plant is suspectible to spider mites and mealy bugs. Be sure to prune and trim when needed.

Use a good systemic insecticide to help rid of these pesky insects. Ask for it at your local Nursery.

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