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successful ebook image The Internet marketing world needs people that develop websites with "Good Useful Content". If you want a successful website or blog you will need to remember those words. Why? Because folks want your information...and if you can provide them with the answer to their problems your site will become successful.

Before you try building your own website I highly recommend you download my free "Starting a Successful Profitable Website Ebook" It has some powerful information on what you need to start your own website. This is a digital download and can be downloaded immediately. Just click on the Blue Ebook Graphic for your FREE copy.

The article below has some excellent advice on how to make YOUR website successful. These tips are geared towards the novice and intermediate beginner.

What is a successful website? It is developing a website or blog that will help others find what they are looking for. That is what all successful Internet Marketing people do. My field is managing a retail gardening store and since I also had some training in the computer field I was chosen to become the webmaster of

The real secret to online success is not about you but what you offer your online visitors. Are you giving them crap or good solid helpful information?

Successful Online Business Websites

Develop and build your own website. It is less expensive than paying someone or buying tons of programs to help you. I get emails all the time asking me how I made our website successful. This is what I tell them. Stop trying to get rich online. It ain't gonna matter what the internet gurus tell you. One of the first online ebooks I ever read was Ken Envoy's "How to make your sitesell". I bought it for about thirty bucks. This was over 6 years ago it is now a free Download. Get your free ebook Right here today.

Do NOT copy or build websites that have absolutley no value. Always write and create good content for your website visitors. Make a website about what you know, not what you don't know! It will be so much easier for you. Please do NOT fall for that "Get Rich Quick" mentality? Contrary to what some Internet Marketing guru's say you will not be rich in 2-4 weeks or even months.

You could spend a small fortune trying to figure out what is the best way to develop a successful website. The number one easiest way to become successful online is to develop a website about what you are passionate about. What are your interests, your hobbies, your love. This my friend is what will work online today!

Get yourself a domain name and a good webhosting company. A good domain will cost you as little $2.00 bucks. And webhosting as low as $7.00 bucks a month. When looking for a domain name be sure to use the .com extension and not the .net or the .org extensions. The (dot)com is what most people will remember. What would you rather have? or Most folks will remember Get a cheap domain name right here.

Thousands of webhosting companies online...The only one I use is HOSTGATOR.COM they are by far the premier web hosting company online today. Their online support is outstanding. When they say 24/7 online support they mean it. I have numerous websites and all of them are hosted with hostgator. It amazes me how they always have answers to my questions and it does not matter if it is 2:00 am or during holidays.

Once you have that in mind start writing it down. Yes... take a pen and put it on paper. You will probably have tons of content for your website. This is what people want, and more importantly what "google" and the rest of the search engines are craving for. Remember put "Good Original Content" into your website and make sure your provide your visitors with true value.

Do your best to learn HTML and how to FTP. Once you have a good working knowledge of that start with CSS, PHP, and others. The main one is HTML. Learn HTML the fun, fast and easy way. Click here to watch this video.

Learn to do your own graphics. Graphics developers charge a ton of money. Why pay someone when you can do it yourself. The two best are Paint shop Pro and Adobe photoshop. I personally use PSP because the price was right and the tutorials are excellent.

S.E's love good simple HTML & CSS content. Once you have that start putting your adsense or affiliate links in place. Be sure you have a newsletter or ezine do not overlook this very important aspect of having a website. It is imperative that you build a subscriber list.

There are legitimate ways to make money online with your own good original content. I hate repeating my self but always make a website or blog about your experiences, knowledge, and your passion. This is what really works. You can add google's adsense program to generate income with your website or blog. This is a legitimate way to make part time income for the new website or blog owner.

If you need help starting your website you can contact me here at: Contact Paul Guzman

Successful Internet Websites

One of the best affiliate marketers out there is Rosalind Gardner. If you are looking for good honest advice on how to make a living online I suggest you read her affliate handbook. Her book is what started me on the "right path" to starting a successful business website.

There is no magic wand or tricks. If you want a successful website you will have to work at it. In time you might make a good second income. Eventually you may even do it full time.

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successful websites

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