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    What's wrong with my trees or shrubs?

    what's wrong with trees gary guzman

    Are you asking yourself what is wrong with my beautiful tree? Check out the steps below to help you determine what type of tree problem you may have and possibly correcting it. Free tree information from Guzmansgreenhouse.com - If you have any question please use the contact form by clicking here.

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    Tree Problems Southwest

  • Trees or shrubs are smaller than they should be - Possible Causes > Nitrogen and zinc deficiency, nematodes on roots or dry soil.
    What to do ?> Up your water usage > Fertilize with a high Nitrogen Number a good 16-8-8 analysis will work well.

  • Green but wilting leaves - Possible Causes > Overwatering, probably from not enough drainage.
    What to do ?> Check your drip system. Make sure you are not over or underwatering > Check for grubs about 4-6" into dirt, white body and brown head ugly looking worm about the size of a large thumb. Over fertilizing will also wilt leaves.

  • Severe Yellowing of leaves - Possible Causes > The tree or shrub may be at the end of it's life. Iron or nitrogen deficiency.
    What to do?> Add a fertilizer high in iron and or nitrogen (Do NOT over fertilize). Metanaturals Organic Nitrogen 16-0-0 Gallon

  • Brown in center of leaf - Possible Causes > Excess slat in soil, Too much direct sunlight, lack of water, possible borer.
    What to do?>Up the water usage, check for borers. Borers will bore a hole into the tree, usually followed by a clear Sap. Purchase borer control from local nursery or online right here

  • Tree leaf total Brown - Possible Causes > Late frost, normal aging, or root rot.
    What to do?> Not much if the cause is frost or aging. However if the leaves are turning brown only at the bottom, this is the normal aging process.

    Tree Care Website

  • Twisted or puckered tree leaves - Possible causes > Aphids, thrips, leafminers or mites. Large infestation of insects.
    What to do? Apply the tree with a good Systemic Insecticide

  • Grey Powdery Appearance - Possible Causes > Powedery mildew. This is a fungus, usually caused by overwatering and not enough circulation. Very contagious virus but can be easily remedied.
    What to do? Apply neem oil and thin out tree. Reduce humidity around plants, and spray with a good fungicide. Call your local nursery for further information.

  • Perfect half moon eaten leaves - Possible Causes > Leaf cutter bee. This insect will cut a perfect half moon sized hole in the leaf.
    What to do? Spray the tree with "garlic barrier". Garlic Barrier is a very strong liquid that mixes with water and is sprayed on trees to repel them from further damage.

  • Leaves are completely gone or chewed - Possible causes > Ants, deer, rabbits, birds or other critters.
    What to do? Border the tree with chicken wire. Purchase a rodent repellent or a pesticide.

  • You should periodically check your trees and plants for any signs of diseases, fungus and or damage. Click for Fungus Control

  • Call or visit your local nursery and ask "What's wrong with my trees"? Give a good description they will usually have the answer. Be sure to take a large sample (leaves, limbs, etc..) for further analysis.

    whats wrong with trees

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